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the Metro÷n of the Goddess



Athena Promachos

We honor the Goddess or Goddesses from a wide variety of traditions and spiritual paths. Those who partake in this cyberspace come from a variety of different Goddess traditions or honor Pantheons with a host of many Goddesses and Gods. We honor all those and ask that all who partake in this site do so with respect. This cyberspace is not for debates, but to have a dialogue. These dialogues should be laced with respect, self-reflection, openness and willingness to accept differences in experiences and approaches. We hope you consider this site as a "virtual sacred space" where you can share without fear and partake in the reverence of the Divine.

The word "Metro÷n" is a Greek word meaning "mother's house or building". Metroa (the plural of Metro÷n) were the domed temples that where found through out the ancient Mediterranean in honor of the Great Goddess who the Greeks called by her Phrygian name of Kybele (Cybele) or usually Meter ( "Mother" in Greek). The word Metro÷n is to an extent like the word "church" is used today by modern Christians or mosque by Muslims. The usage of the word "Metro÷n" is in refers to the idea of a sacred building devoted to the Feminine Divine or Divine Mother.

Metro÷n floorplan
A floor plan of a future Metro÷n that AranyBoci has done.

The Goddess is also called the Great Goddess or Divine Mother. Today She survives as a whole being in the modern mythology of the West as Mother Nature or Mother Earth. Ofcourse in other traditions She is still revered as the Goddess or multiple aspects in various Goddesses. Even in the strict male monotheist traditions She has often reemerged under much oppression as the Madonna, Fatima, Sophia, Hagar, the "Mother of God" and numerous other manifestations.

The Divine Mother is in all and is all. The Divine transcends singularity and multiplicity. She is as much a person or persons as She is any form or every form, place or action or non-being. She is the Mother of all dichotomies. The Divine is not limited to the constraints of neither the human experience nor the human imagination. The Divine can be honored as the Great Mother who gives birth to all and devours all. The Divine Mother is the mother of all things including the animate and inanimate, the stars and planets, the plants, animals and people and even the other Deities themselves. She is the primordial archetype that all things are born from. She is as beautiful to behold as she is terrible in her rage. She is the awe that is in sublime and the subtle. Her cosmic dance leaves all with love and despair. She is the myriad spiraling waves that are caught in flux between destruction and re-creation. We can only observe and experience the Divine in two ways:

Either in the archetypes we inherit that shape our very being or in the manifestation of the "awe" we experience from Mother Nature who is revealed in the sublime and the subtle.

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